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Want to Bolster Your Chances of Closing the Deal?

by Virginia Acio 07/21/2019

The infamous phrase - "the dress makes the man" translates to "the curb appeal makes the home" in the real estate world. Face it, the curb appeal of a house is the first thing home buyers see when they step into the property. And studies show that it takes a home buyer eight seconds in a property to make a decision. With that time-frame in mind, it is safe to conclude that most home buyers make their decisions from the exterior of the house. Therefore, investing in your home's curb appeal doesn't just increase your chances of attracting more buyers but also bolsters your chances of closing the deal.

However, curb appeal is not designed exclusively to sell a house. You could give your home a facelift to enjoy the beauty and admiration from your neighbors. The exterior of your home certainly deserves just as much attention as you pay to the interior, so here's a list of curb appeal ideas that fit perfectly into any budget.

  1. Design the Exterior with Flowering Plants. It will amaze you how little efforts like planting hundreds of flowering plants can boost the appeal of your home. They spread a unique touch of beauty as they blossom in their different colors. Homebuyers cannot resist the natural beauty of well-placed plants.
  2. Upgrade Old Hardware. As insignificant as you may think such things are, hardware plays a role or two in boosting the appeal of your home. A dingy mailbox, cheap door knockers, tarnished handles, or grubby peephole sends a negative message to potential buyers. Try replacing old hardware before listing your home.
  3. Pay Attention to Colors. Color is a crucial part of your curb appeal. The exterior of your home should reflect the interior aesthetic taste. Pay attention to the colors while remodeling the outside. The color of the door could either invite them in or chase them off.
  4. Make your House Number Unique. People tend to ignore their house numbers while giving their exterior a facelift. Each house number is unique, and it is one of the first things people see as they pass by or walk onto your property. Give it the unique touch it deserves. Design it to reflect your aesthetic taste.
  5. Upgrade Lighting Fixtures. The lighting fixtures of a house wield power to make or mar the curb appeal. Which is why it is advisable to include lighting fixtures in your remodeling plan. Like jewelry, give your home a dramatic touch with the right accessories.
  6. Add a Finishing Touch of Weather-Resistant Artwork. Nothing adds more appeal than weather-resistant artwork. Sculptures, birdbaths, and wind chimes will fit perfectly into any home décor.

If you're concerned about adding the most value to your curb appeal, talk with a property specialist in your neighborhood.

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